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Imagine a world where natural light is a distant memory. Where a claustrophobic city sits on the seabed, built to protect humanity from disaster. For the last decade, this is what Red has called home. But she’s prepared to do whatever it takes to feel fresh air on her face again. To finally escape The Shell.

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Chris Gill


Chris Gill is an independent author based in Sydney, Australia. His dystopian debut novel Shell is out now in both print and digital editions through his co-founded publishing company, PRNTD.

Although born in a seaside town in England, Chris spent his childhood in New Zealand reading copious amounts of books and penning countless short stories. This continued throughout his teens back in the UK, before he decided to broaden his craft by studying journalism at university.

After chasing the bright lights of London for a few years to pursue a career in writing, Chris’ love for the ocean brought him back Down Under where he works in copywriting by day and creates fictional worlds by night.

When he’s not spending his free time writing, you’ll find Chris travelling or hitting the beach to find fresh inspiration.


Whether you’re a fan of contemporary poetry or dystopian fiction, take your pick from Chris’ growing collection of published works.


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A Novel

Chris Gill’s dystopian debut novel follows the story of Red, a rebellious 19-year-old who feels like the only person who distrusts the government. That is aside from her elderly friend, Marcus Moore, whose raspy cough has been getting worse by the day. And whoever is behind the whistleblowing website, Shareflow.

The United Underworld, or The Shell as its inhabitants dub it, is a city that was built over 3,000 metres below sea level in case global disaster ever occurred. So when news broke of an asteroid hurtling towards the planet, President Ivan Spencer and his regime already had everything in place for the people of England to be transported to their new home on the ocean floor.

But will Red ever escape the bleakness of The Shell and feel fresh air on her face again?

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