About Chris Gill


Although born in a seaside town in Sussex, England, Chris spent his childhood in New Zealand devouring books and penning countless short stories. This continued throughout his teens back in the UK, before he decided to broaden his craft by studying journalism at university in Hampshire.

After chasing the bright lights of London for a few years to pursue a career in writing, Chris decided to head back Down Under to be closer to his family and find fresh inspiration.

He released his dystopian debut novel, Shell, through his co-founded publishing company, PRNTD, in 2015. An underground success that climbed the post-apocalyptic charts in both Australia and the UK, Chris then released his debut poetry book, Verses, the following year.

Chris’ new novel, The Nowhere, is an Australian coming-of-age story that touches on love, loss, sexuality, and sadness. Released on 4th June 2019 via PRNTD, find out more about the bestselling LGBT+ coming-of-age novel.

Chris lives in Sydney with his husband and juggles a copywriting career with his fiction.