Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

I finally got around to reading Red, White & Royal Blue and wow – what a heart-warmer (just what I needed this week in chilly Sydney).

The premise of this book is fiction at its finest, First Son Alex is forced to fake a friendship with his nemesis Prince Henry for the sake of American/British relations. Spoiler alert – they fall in love. In a page-turning whirlwind romance, the pair go from enemies, to colleagues, to friends, to lovers and we are here for every page of it.

This is a book about two twenty-something men on a path of discovery, for both themselves and their countries. There is a political undercurrent to the narrative that shows how unaccepting the world is to anyone who isn’t straight and white. This is what makes their relationship even more heart-warming. The diverse range of secondary characters in the novel are also to be applauded for their part in making this book so inclusive.

I can safely say Red, White & Royal Blue is worth the hype and your money, so go get a copy. Well done, Casey McQuinston. I’m already anticipating your next.

If you enjoyed Red, White & Royal Blue, please check out my new book The Nowhere, an LGBT+ coming-of-age mystery.

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