Boy Fallen by Chris Gill

Boy Fallen

A powerful crime mystery with a young man’s journey of self-discovery at its core, Boy Fallen is a classic whodunnit told through a fresh lens. Set in a remote coastal town in New Zealand’s South Island, this gripping and atmospheric page-turner will keep you guessing right up until the very end.

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The Nowhere by Chris Gill Cover

The Nowhere

A coming-of-age LGBTQ+ drama with a pinch of mystery, The Nowhere is a story about isolation, infatuation, and how life changes. Set in the dusty Australian Outback, two teenage boys bond through their mutual yearning to escape. But as the pair prepare to meet as adults, they soon learn no secret can remain buried forever.

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Verses by Chris Gill


A collection of contemporary poetry written over the course of a decade, Verses captures a young man’s journey from boy to man. Split into six parts that tackle issues from the personal to political, the book examines the trials and tribulations we all go through as we make our way through the world.