The Nowhere Book Cover by Chris Gill

The Nowhere

Seb longs for another life. A life far away from the remote farm that is now his home. A life far away from his mundane chores and short-tempered father. But when Jake – the captivating boy Seb’s same age – moves into the derelict farm behind his, Seb wonders if all this will change. Or even better, they’ll find a way to escape together.

Fast forward two decades and Seb’s working as a nurse back in Perth. With his dad living in his home, Seb is tormented by the demons that have followed him his entire adult life. But when Jake calls out the blue telling Seb he’s coming to visit and would like to meet up, Seb has to decide whether he’s willing to face exactly what happened that summer. On the night that forever changed not only the lives of Seb and Jake, but also their entire families.

Youthful, brutal and ferociously fantastic, The Nowhere is a coming-of-age novel about aspiration and isolation, sexuality and sadness, love, loss, and how life changes. Despite his best efforts, Seb learns that secrets can’t be kept forever. The truth always comes out eventually.

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Verses by Chis Gill


A collection of contemporary poetry penned over the course of a decade, Verses details Chris Gill’s journey into adulthood as he reflects on his past, present and future.

The book is split into six parts that tackle issues on both a macro and micro scale. Kicking off with the confessional Catacombs, the collection promises to take its reader on an existential trip as Chris picks apart fragments of his memory.

If you think poetry is dull and outdated, Verses will give you a taste of how modern poetry looks, sounds and feels. It proves that poetry, just like any other art form, exists to provoke emotion and empathy within its reader.

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