My journey to The Nowhere

Right now, on the eve of the release of my new book, The Nowhere, I am a bag of nerves and excitement. That frantic, anxious energy is pulsating through my veins as a range of questions circle my head: “What if nobody reads it?” “What if they read it and hate it?” And so on and so forth.

How to write a novel

There’s nothing more satisfying than typing the last few words of your novel. All the hard work, late nights and sacrifice have led up to this moment. That satisfying ahhh you must allow yourself, followed by at least a few weeks of doing anything but looking at your story.

How to publish your book on Kindle

So, you’ve finally finished writing and editing your novel. Congratulations! Time to pop the bubbles and celebrate what many aspiring authors don’t ever even manage to do. But if you think the hard parts over, think again. You now have to make the all-important decision as to whether you’re going to go the traditional publishing route or self-publish.