The Newlyweds by Nell Freudenberger

The Newlyweds tells the tale of Amina Mazid, who moves from Bangladesh to Rochester, New York, to be with the man she met online.

George Stillman introduces Amina to a whole new world, a world where happiness is offered in a very different (and often far more materialistic) way to what she is familiar with at home. This theme is paramount right from the word go in the novel when George asks Amina to purchase a new mailbox, and she can’t believe all the different options and prices to choose.

George is drawn to this pure perspective Amina has on his world, a refreshing change to the money-driven women he usually meets. He also likes the way she is honest and refuses to play games.

But things don’t remain picture-perfect for long. Both Amina and George are hiding something, more specifically someone, from the past they thought they could forget. It’s only when Amina returns to Bangladesh that she and George discover whether their secrets will destroy their relationship, or whether their love will keep them together.

The Newlyweds is a refreshing page-turner about the complicating trials and tribulations of getting – and staying – married. Emotionally charged and rich with culture, Freudenberger’s characters are carefully-crafted and utterly believable. So much so, you’ll be right there with them.

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